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Ways to register.

Anyone can say YES to organ, eye and tissue donation. If you haven’t already said YES at the BMV, there are three easy ways to register.


Register online. You will need a valid Ohio driver license or state identification card.


Say “YES” at the BMV when you receive or renew your driver license or state identification card. You should also talk to your family about your wishes so they can help honor your decision.


Complete and mail a Donor Registry enrollment form.

Zoe's Story

Zoe Heart Recipient

"He is our hero."

The first time she got sick, Zoe was only six weeks old. She contracted a virus that caused the enlarging of the left side of her heart, resulting in congestive heart failure. After a series of medications and frequent trips to the cardiologist, Zoe seemed to make a complete recovery.

Then, at the age of five and just before entering kindergarten, Zoe again suffered congestive heart failure. This time, however, medications did not help. After visiting a pediatric transplant specialist in September of 2008 at the Cleveland Clinic, Zoe’s family learned that not only would Zoe need a heart transplant, but she would need it before Christmas.

In just a month, Zoe’s condition worsened and she was admitted to the hospital on November 1, 2008. On December 2, 2008, at only six years old, Zoe received her new heart. Two months later, she was allowed to return home. Today, Zoe is a happy and healthy ten-year-old who dances, plays basketball and runs youth charity races. “We are so thankful for her donor and his family, who made the ultimate sacrifice so that my daughter could live,” says Zoe’s mom, Chrissy. “He’s our hero.”

Change a Life With One Choice

Your decision to register as an organ, tissue and eye donor can be the answer to someone's prayers.

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