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Wonn's Story

Wonn Cornea Recipient

"I never take the gift of having my sight restored for granted."

In 2003, Wonn began to notice problems with her eyesight. She had started to experience blurred vision, sensitivity to light and difficulty driving at night. After a trip to her ophthalmologist, she learned of her diagnosis – Keratoconus – the thinning of the cornea that can cause distorted and reduced vision. She was placed on an eye treatment regimen, which proved to be unsuccessful and left Wonn with only 10 percent of her vision remaining in her left eye.

“I literally struggled just to be able to sign my name or read the newspaper, but more importantly, to see the faces of my three beautiful children,” says Wonn. “Many days my vision was so poor, when I looked at my children, all I could see was a huge blur. I never told them of my inability to see their faces. I would take my hands, caress their faces, and remind myself that I would soon be able to see their smiles again.”

Wonn was eligible for and received her first cornea transplant that year. The transplant surgery took place at Hillcrest Hospital and was a same-day outpatient procedure. Wonn left the hospital that day and was able to see clearly within 24 hours.

In 2006, the transplant began to reject and Wonn was able to receive a second successful transplant again at Hillcrest Hospital.“Each day is truly special and I never take the gift of having my sight restored for granted,” says Wonn. “I thank God for my doctor, both donors and their families for making this gift possible.”

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