Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope

Saving and Healing Lives through Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation

Behind every organ, eye and tissue donation is a life-changing story waiting to be told. We asked recipients, donor families and advocates to have a heart to heart with us about the power of donation using #MyHeartToHeart. Here’s what they had to say:

nadine story

“My favorite part of my job is being the rainbow after the storm,”

Nadine, transplant coordinator


“Thank you is simply not enough.”

Payton, heart recipient

Luke Red Tie

“He left an incredible legacy behind.” -Nikki, mother

Luke, organ donor


"It takes an incredible person to share this act of love."

Renee & Sarah, kidney recipients


"I appreciate every additional day I've been given."

Afatamah, liver recipient


"We find comfort in knowing Alex gave life to people and they continue to live a full life because of him."

- Julie & Ron, parents
Alex, organ donor


"Our hopes for a larger family were put on hold."

- Rhonda, wife
Rob, died waiting

Tell Us Your Story

Has your life been touched by organ, eye or tissue donation - either as a donor family, transplant candidate family or recipient?

Stories of hope

You’ll be Inspired by These Stories of Hope

Read inspiring stories from organ, eye and tissue recipients, donor family members and advocates
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