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Kaylyn's Story

Kaylyn Liver Recipient

"We are very appreciative of the gift Kaylyn was given and for the most precious gift we have received."

When our little girl, Kaylyn, was born in February 2005, we had no idea what we were in store for.  Kaylyn was, for all we knew, healthy.  Then at one month she was diagnosed with a rare liver disease, Biliary Artesia.  At thirty-seven days old she underwent her first surgery. However, when doctors tried to correct the problem, we were informed that there was only one-third chance that our beautiful little girl would not need a liver transplant.  As first time parents this was not the kind of news we were prepared for.

For months Kaylyn suffered from infection after infection.  By the end of July 2005, her gastroenterologist from Akron Children’s Hospital said, “It is time,” and we unfortunately knew what this meant. It was time for a liver transplant.  So we made the four-hour trip to Cincinnati from Louisville, Ohio.  We were officially listed for transplant on August 19, 2005, and Kaylyn was also admitted to the hospital that day.  Our little girl was growing more sick each day.  We knew Kaylyn was very sick, and we were very close to losing her.  The doctor told us that two or three days might be all she had left without a transplant.   Then we got the call that someone had very generously donated their loved ones organs, and Kaylyn had finally received a match.  She had her liver transplant on September 12, 2005.  Looking back it is hard to believe all that she has endured.

To look at Kaylyn you could never tell she had anything wrong with her.  She is a very happy, healthy, and typical two-year old.  We can’t help but think of how our lives have been affected by our angel’s second chance.  There are so many things that we would have missed–her first word, her first tooth, her first birthday, and the first time she was able to look at me and say, “I love you Mama,” without being prompted.  I’m not saying that we are without problems, and there are certainly things we have to deal with that can be frustrating at times.  But we can just think about what might have been had Kaylyn not received her new liver, and we know that what we have to face now are things we can handle.  We are very appreciative of the gift Kaylyn was given and for the most precious gift we have received. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to watch the miracle that God has given us, as she experiences all her “firsts,” “seconds” and the life that she almost lost.

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