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Save 8 Kick-off

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Why I Said Yes To Donation

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Myth Busting

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Stories of Hope & Healing

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How Donation Works

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A Faith-based Perspective

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What It’s Like to Wait

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Wrap up

You may not know it, but you have an amazing superpower. When you choose to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor, you could save 8 lives and heal 75 or more. And now it’s easier than ever to share the gift of life when you register online.

At this very moment, 110,000 Americans are waiting for life-saving organ transplants, including 3,000 Ohioans. You can help in just minutes. It’s free, it’s easy and anyone can register.

Stories of hope and healing

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Julie and Ron, proud parents of Alex

Sunday, October 10, 1999 began as any typical day. Alex and his cousin were riding a four-wheeler, when it was struck by a car. The boys were rushed to the emergency room where Alex passed away. Together, Alex's family decided to donate his organs. Because of their selfless decision, Alex went on to save the lives of five people.

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Renee and Sarah, kidney recipients

Renee and Sarah share a very special bond. They both received the gift of life on the same day, at the same hospital, and by the same donor. They are incredibly humbled by the precious gift that they received. “It takes an incredible person to share this act of love,” Renee says in her powerful tribute to her donor.

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Nadine, advocate

As an organ, eye and tissue donation transplant coordinator, Nadine brings hope to grieving families on their worst days. Each day she coordinates all phases of donation: matching organs to donors; prepping for surgery and coordinating paperwork. While it’s not easy to meet with families who’ve just lost a loved one, she also gets to be their rainbow after the storm.

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PJ, tissue recipient

When P.J. went to have his leg checked out in May of 2012, doctors found something much more serious than a bone bruise, a muscle tear, or any other common injury brought about by football. P.J.’s injury was anything but common, as he was later diagnosed with a tumor in his tibia at just fourteen years of age.

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How donation works

Transplantation is one of the most remarkable success stories in the history of medicine.

It gives thousands of people facing organ failure a second chance at life and gives many others active and renewed lives. Watch the video to find out how the donation process works when you choose to say YES.

5 myths about organ donation

Myth: If my doctors know I’m a donor, they won’t try to save me.

Doctors save lives. They aren’t concerned about registry status and have nothing to do with the donation process. In fact, hospital personnel don’t have access to the donor registry—only organ procurement organizations do.

Myth: I’m too old to donate. >

Myth: My religion doesn’t allow donation. >

Myth: Donation will cost money. >

Myth: I’m not healthy enough to donate. >

About Donate Life Ohio

We are a coalition of the state’s organ, eye and tissue recovery agencies dedicated to educating Ohioans about the need for organ, eye and tissue donation and motivating people to join the Ohio Donor Registry.

The Registry

The Ohio Donor Registry is managed by the state of Ohio through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The state’s four organ procurement organizations are the only groups with access to the registry. The registry is used to verify the wishes of anyone registered to be a donor in the state of Ohio. Simply put, the registry empowers people to record their decision to save and heal lives.

First-Person Consent

Ohioans register for the Ohio Donor Registry using first-person consent. This means your decision to become a registered organ, eye and tissue donor is legally binding and cannot be overridden by anyone should you become a candidate for donation. In other words, your desire to save the lives of others through organ, eye and tissue donation is legally protected by the state of Ohio.

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