Ways to register.

Anyone can say YES to organ, eye and tissue donation. If you haven’t already said YES at the BMV, there are three easy ways to register.


Register online. You will need a valid Ohio driver license or state identification card.


Say “YES” at the BMV when you receive or renew your driver license or state identification card. You should also talk to your family about your wishes so they can help honor your decision.


Complete and mail a Donor Registry enrollment form.

About Us

Donate Life Ohio

Donate Life Ohio is a coalition of the state's organ, eye and tissue recovery agencies dedicated to educating Ohioans about the need for organ, eye and tissue donation and motivating them to join the Ohio Donor Registry.

95% of Ohioans said that they have a positive view of donation and 80% said that they would wish to donate to a patient in need - but only 59% of Ohioans have actually made the commitment of joining the Ohio Donor Registry. Meanwhile, more than 3,100 Ohioans await a life-saving transplant.

On average, one Ohioan will die every 48 hours awaiting a transplant that doesn't come in time. But you can help. Register to become and organ, eye and tissue donor today.

The Second Chance Trust Fund

Your 1$ Contribution Can Give Hope to Thousands of Ohioans

The Second Chance Trust Fund was founded in 1997 to support projects that raise awareness about the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation throughout Ohio. One of the projects was the establishment of the Ohio Donor Registry and supports the coalition of organ and tissue recovery agencies that make up Donate Life Ohio. The Second Chance Trust Fund is sponsored by the Ohio Department of Health. Read more.

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Change a Life With One Choice

Your decision to register as an organ, tissue and eye donor can be the answer to someone's prayers.

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