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Your $1 Contribution Can Give Hope to Thousands of Ohioans

The Second Chance Trust Fund was founded in 1997 to support projects that raise awareness about the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation throughout Ohio. One of the projects was the establishment of the Ohio Donor Registry and supporting the coalition of organ, eye and tissue recovery agencies that make up Donate Life Ohio. The Second Chance Trust Fund is sponsored by the Ohio Department of Health, but no tax funds are used by the fund. Optional $1 contributions collected at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles are used to support donation education in Ohio and give hope to thousands of Ohioans waiting for donation. Awareness-building projects supported by dollars contributed to the Second Chance Trust Fund include:

  • Driver Education Curriculum regarding organ, eye and tissue donation
  • Statewide organ, eye and tissue donation curriculum for high schools
  • Statewide media campaigns

Contribute to The Fund

Please consider donating $1 the next time you visit the BMV to apply or renew your Ohio driver’s license or state I.D. Your contribution will help continue the work of the Second Chance Trust Fund and give hope to those awaiting a second chance at life.
You can also make a check payable to The Second Chance Trust Fund and mail to: Ohio Department of Health, SCTF, Attention Debra Smith 246 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43215.No tax funds are used by the Second Chance Trust Fund.

Ohio Donor Registry

In December 2000, Governor Bob Taft signed Senate Bill 188, which created the Ohio Donor Registry to make it easier for Ohioans to make a personal commitment to organ, eye and tissue donation. The Second Chance Trust Fund works in partnership with the BMV to increase knowledge about the Registry and to increase the number of Ohioans who join the Registry.

Members of the Second Chance Trust Fund

  • Jennifer Dorrell, Ohio Solid Organ Transplant Consortium
  • Debbie May-Johnson, Cleveland Eye Bank
  • Reginald Dawson, Community Tissue Services
  • Andrea O’Malley, LifeCenter
  • Marilyn Young, Public Member
  • Senator Shannon Jones, Ohio Senate
  • Debra Smith, Ohio Department of Health
  • James A. Bryant, M.D., Public Member
  • Rhonda Major-Mack, Public Member
  • Harvey J. Steele, Public Member
  • Denien Wilde, Public Member
  • Representative Anne Gonzalez

Second Chance Trust Fund

Ohio Department of Health
246 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43215
Telephone numbers: 888-745-1511 and 614-644-8492
Fax: 614-564-2409

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