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She discovered she wasn't too old to donate. And she saved my life."


Brian, liver recipient


In 2002, Brian was urgently trying to find a diagnosis for the unexplained swelling in his legs. After ruling out heart disease, a specialist diagnosed him with NASH, Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis or "silent" liver disease.

Doctors prescribed Vitamin E supplements, which helped Brian stay well until 2007 when his conditioned worsened. At this point, Brian realized he would need a liver transplant in order to survive. He was put on a transplant list and after only three weeks received a liver transplant at Cleveland Clinic in 2008. He received a healthy liver from a 72-year-old female donor, proving you're never too old to give the gift of life.

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Brian is a registered donor himself and speaks to others about the benefits of donation. "I thank God every day for donors," Brian says. "You can't take your organs with you. Why not give of yourself to help save a life?"




"She discovered she wasn't too old to donate. And she save my life."

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