Troy’s Story

“ Troy, you are going to be okay; we will get through this” Troy, kidney recepient On the evening of …

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Afatamah’s Story

“ I appreciate every additional day I’ve been given“   Afatamah, liver recipient   Afatamah had always been in good …

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Zoe’s Story

“ He’s our hero.” Zoe, heart recipient The first time she got sick, Zoe was only six weeks old. She …

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Wonn’s Story

“ I never take the gift of having my sight restored for granted.” Wonn, cornea recipient In 2003, Wonn began …

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Tonya’s Story

“ Their son left a legacy in my and the others he was able to donate to.” Tonya, tissue recipient …

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Robert’s Story

“ If I was lucky enough, the donor tissue would allow me to return serving my community as an EMT …

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Loretta’s Story

“ I have special place in my heart for the family who lost so much, yet said ‘yes’ to someone …

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Kate’s Story

“ I am able to live without being attached to machines.” Kate, kidney recipient At the age of five, Kate …

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Jessica’s Story

“ ….and that is the beginning of the rest of my life.” Jessica, multivisceral transplant recipient Jessica was only 16 …

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Glen’s Story

“ I thank my donor’s family for ‘re-gifting’ me with life.“ Glen, heart recipient At a yearly physical in February …

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